In North America The Commonly Used Term Truck Bed Camper And Its Related Acronym TC, Are Usually …

In North America, this recreational vehicle class can be called a slide in or folding camper. These classifications, although widely used, have no official status in the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) or other federal transportation departments. This article, the first in a series, will provide a basic overview of what is meant by a TC.

Slides: Slides are the most common style of truck campers and can be found in many


styles of RVs. Sliding doors offer interior space conservation and provide easy access to the truck bed. Some newer truck bed camper models are equipped with slide out shelves which allow easy storage of equipment and supplies.

Bifold doors: Some truck campers use double doors to offer better security and convenience while driving in remote areas. A double door model offers the best of both worlds for camper owners. They provide access from the front to the back of the truck bed without compromising access from the back to the front of the camper. Double doors can be opened from the middle and placed in a folding position to allow for optimal ventilation. With the use of an air heater, a double door model of a truck bed camper allows the camper owner to enjoy comfortable temperatures on cool nights.

Amenities: Truck campers can be quite basic in their amenities. Most include a basic sleeping area of a non-carpeted tent or a truck camper enclosure with a shower. Other features available for truck campers include propane or kerosene lanterns to illuminate the way, basic refrigerator and an assortment of dishes, and toilets. Some truck campers are equipped with a microwave oven, extension cords, and a small television. For those who wish to make extra amenities available, a few companies sell add-on amenities such as an outdoor kitchen and outdoor barbeque.

Bathrooms: The living quarters in a truck camper vary greatly depending on the owner’s preferences. In some cases, a truck camper is equipped with a small kitchenette with built-in microwave, sink, counter, and garbage disposal.Other amenities include a camper portable toilet small laundry room, a couple of closets, and a few drawers for storing personal items. For more complete bathroom amenities, a number of companies manufacture pop up wall tents that convert into a shower area, a wash sink, and toilet. These tents make washing one’s self clean and convenient.

Most pop up truck campers are manufactured by companies that specialize in custom vehicle fabrication. Pop up manufacturers produce six models of hard sided RV’s, all of which are manufactured by top-of-the-line, professional truck campers in the US. Some of the models produced by these companies have non-slip floors and “soft walls”. Non-slip mats and flooring are supplied along with the pop up units.

Most truck campers offer sleeper cots for use as passengers. Trucks also usually come equipped with large cargo areas (such as a full size bed or the short distance of a pull behind campers) for storage of goods or belongings. Many manufacturers of travel trailers also provide hookups for outside kitchens, showers, and power showers. Other features commonly found in travel trailers are televisions, entertainment centers, and refrigerators.

There is something for every kind of travel trailer – even tables such as kayaks! Towing a recreational vehicle can be a fun and exciting adventure for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for campers for the road or for fishing, motor homes, joggers, RVs, or go carting; you’ll find something suitable for your needs on the market today. For more information on camper dealers in your area or on the Internet, browse RV Chat or contact some of the many online camper dealerships. Good luck on your search!